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Magic Reusable Ice Cubes - Trendvance

Magic Reusable Ice Cubes

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"I did some research before purchasing, as whisky stones seem to come in a variety of materials. I've read not to get glass, as it can chip and cut up your mouth. Stone also seems to chip, or leave a powdery residue, and plastic is just tacky. My husband was really impressed with theses and they stayed cold a LONG time. They look classy, hold their chill, and the little plastic tray they come in is convenient for the freezer."

- Nicole M. ✅ Verified Buyer

Tired of your expensive whiskey getting diluted because of regular melting ice? Introducing the Magic Reusable Ice Cubes! Imagine never having to drink diluted drinks again and you get to enjoy your beverage with its original taste.

‚úÖ NO MORE DILUTED DRINKS: Our Magic Reusable Ice Cubes are made from high quality stainless steel material that won't rust and you don't have to worry about ice cubes melting and watering down your drink. Works for any of your favorite beverages!

✅ FAST CHILLED DRINKS: Just freeze for 2-3 hours and simply add to your favorite beverage to enjoy! Make sure to wash with hot water before use to ensure effective disinfection.  Non-slip rubber ice tongs and a freezer storage tray are included to help prevent your metal ice cubes from scratching and the storage tray helps keep your stones clean and organized during freezing.

✅ NO CHANGE IN FLAVOR: Our ice cubes are also made out of 100% premium food grade stain steel and will not give any added taste or smell to your beverage, keeping its original taste and retaining ice cold temperatures. 

✅ CLASSY & UNIQUE GIFT: Not only does the ice cubes it look classy in your drink, it is also durable and dishwasher safe. The stylish, simplicity of the metal ice cubes gives it a classy and elegant appearance making it a perfect unique gift for your loved ones. 

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