Lush Pet Bed - Trendvance
Lush Pet Bed - Trendvance
Lush Pet Bed - Trendvance
Lush Pet Bed - Trendvance

Lush Pet Bed

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"Junior approved! Our miniature Schnauzer, Junior adores this bed and believe me, he can be very picky. It took some warming up but he pretty much lives in it now. The material is incredibly soft and deep enough for Junior to curl up in it."

- Kaitlyn D. ✅ Verified Buyer

With unbelievably soft materials and cushioned rims, give your pet the ultimate comfort today with our Lush Pet Bed. Your pet is sure to feel safe and loved while resting or sleeping. 

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Available in multiple natural colors and 19.6" wide, the bed is sure to be a great visual addition to your decor. Not only that, the bed's bottom is also water and dirt resistant and prevents any accidents from dirtying your floor.

✅ PET SAFE MATERIALS: The bed is made out of faux fur that is not only comfortable but also safe for your pets. For added convenience, you can machine wash or hand wash the bed and keep the bed clean and safe for your pets.

✅ SUPPORTS SLEEP: The round shape and high quality material is ideal for your pets to curl up and sleep. The rim is designed to provide a sense of security and also support, while the soft, luxurious faux fur offers any pain or joint relief for older or sick pets.

 SUPREME COMFORT: It's going to be love at first sight as this will be the last bed your pet chooses. Cozy and flexible, the high quality and luxurious faux fur provides superior comfort for your pets. The deep design also lets your pet burrow into the bed for the ultimate comfort.

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