Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow - Trendvance
Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow - Trendvance
Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow - Trendvance
Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow - Trendvance

Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow

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"I absolutely love this pillow! My back was constantly aching during my pregnancy and it was KILLING my sleep. Using one of these pillows soothed all my aches and pain and it helped me to sleep like a baby. I'm even ordering another one because of how my husband kept stealing it from me when I wasn't using it."

- Rita M. ✅ Verified Buyer


Being heavily pregnant usually comes with all sorts of aches and pain that lasts all day long. Even when you're trying to sleep, you might find yourself stuffing many pillows on your bed for barely any relief and it provides little to no support.

Getting the proper support and rest you need is absolutely vital during a pregnancy and for your unborn child. The Plush Pregnancy Body Pillow aids in supporting your head, neck and all the way down to your back. 

The pillow also provides you the perfect balance between comfort and support for your entire body, alleviating your pregnancy aches and pains.

✅ SLEEP BETTERSleep deeply through the night with its unique long U-shaped design. It is specifically designed for you to stretch out and align with your body while you sleep. 

✅ SUPER SOFT MATERIAL: Our pillow is filled with soft 100% polyester fiber that is designed to provide soft comfort and sufficient support for your pregnant body.

✅ ERGONOMIC COMFORT: The U-shaped design follows your body contour whether you're sitting upright or even a side sleeper. The pillow is also foldable in multiple positions to that you can use it to elevate your feet while you sleep to improve blood circulation.

✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The U-shaped design is not just designed for sleeping. You can also use it for back support when sitting in your bed for reading, watching TV or even when you're breastfeeding.  


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