Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock - Trendvance
Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock - Trendvance
Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock - Trendvance
Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock - Trendvance

Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock

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"This sunrise alarm clock is just amazing. All my life, I've always had trouble waking up and I absolutely detest alarm clocks. The clock's sunrise simulation gradually wakes me up and it is a HUGE difference from the alarm screech that I used to wake up to. The sunrise alarm clock is an absolute life changer!!"

- Andrea H.Ā āœ…Ā Verified Buyer

Good sleep is precious, if you've always had trouble sleep or waking up,Ā try ourĀ Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock andĀ ļ»æenhance your sleep with its sunrise/sunset simulation function.

āœ… WAKE UP NATURALLY:Ā Inspired by the sunrise, the light gradually increases until you wake up. This process helps to simulate the sunrise to wake your body up naturally. You can also useĀ the included 7 natural soundsĀ for a gentle wakeful experience to start the day right and bright.

āœ…Ā FALL ASLEEP EASILY:Ā Gradually drift off to sleep as the lamp light gradually dims and guide you to natural, restful sleep. You can also pair it with the included sleep-assisted music or FM radio. Once it reaches to the time you set, the sleep aid function will automatically switch off.

āœ…Ā MULTIFUNCTIONAL:Ā The sunrise alarm clock does not just come with sleep aid features, it also comes with a variety of other functions.

  • Use it as a night light with 7 different color options
  • 20 brightness levels for bedside reading or just use it as a lamp
  • Comes with FM radio function
  • USB chargeable and many more!

āœ…Ā PERFECT GIFT:Ā This is not just another regular alarm clock.Ā If you have friends and family with sleep issues, The Innovative Sunrise Alarm Clock is the perfect gift for them.Ā 

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